What is Financial Squawk Box?


The Financial Squawk Box(FSB) is your one-stop-shop Financial News website!  I am Gary (originally from Fort Worth, Texas currently in Kuwait) and by the time I turned 36….(cough cough)…… 38 I was what you would call Financially Independent, no luck, no timing of the market, just good tried and true ways…. With plenty of mess ups along the way:)

What is the purpose of this site?  Well….there are a lot of great sites out there; this site will consist mainly of links to many of the popular bloggers sites primarily, as well as periodic Financial stories that caught my eye for one reason or another, I plan to post an occasional mainstream financial media story (to prove just how out of touch they are),  stories on just about all other topics such as:  entertainment and current events as well as links to many of the popular topics that discusses practical advice to Financial Independence. Relax and Enjoy Squawk Box!

What are you Squawking about.....